Looking for the perfect summer retreat? Check out Il Pellicano

It is summer time and therefore Il Pellicano time (Località Sbarcatello, 58019 Porto Ercole (Grosseto)). The Il Pellicano hotel is the perfect location to experience luxurious, relaxing, and delicious moments of utter bliss.

Il Pellicano is among my family’s favorite hotels, for Il Pellicano is truly special and has it all…a beautiful location, a stunning view, a unique atmosphere, perfect luxury, and absolutely divine food. It starts with breakfast, which is so creative and fantastic that you simply cannot imagine anything better! The pastries are extraordinary, evoking feelings of happiness and leaving you ready to start your day.

The afternoon allows you to indulge in an Italian summer dream. You relax by the beautiful pool or by walking down the great cliffs and dipping into the black clear sea or going out with the boat. You enjoy lunch on the terrace, taking in the beautiful view of the coast and sea. The food is, as always, awe-inspiringly good!

For dinner you experience a true culinary spectacle by Chef Antonio Guida at the two-Michelin star restaurant. Two Michelin stars really speak for themselves (as does my previous gushing) and Chef Guida and his kitchen do not disappoint, as the food transports you into a world of pleasures, surprises, and perfection.

This video “Eating at Il Pellicano” (as seen on NOWNESS) perfectly captures the beautiful essence that is Il Pellicano. Watch and be transported!