Mosaic Guest House

A couple of weeks ago, the entire office headed up north to Sebastiyya in the West Bank and enjoyed a mini retreat. We had the pleasure of staying at the Mosaic Guest House, which opened last year and has been perfectly refurbished, with a modern kitchen, bathrooms, and beautiful rooms.

The Guest House is made up of a number of different adjourning houses that have been joined and create a lovely intricate complex. Trees planted throught and a number of different terraces give the whole place a perfect sense of happiness and hospitality, that makes you feel right at home. The Guest House gets its name from and is associated with the Mosaic Centre Jericho, which in an non-profit organisation that aims to protect and promote Palestinian cultural heritage in the Palestinian Territories. There are a number of beautiful mosaics throughout.


One of the many mosaics found throughout

There are five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, all decorated in a different color and unique pieces of furniture. Done with care and attention they make it difficult to choose which bed you want to sleep in. Some rooms have two single beds and others a double bed.


The turquoise bedroom


I loved the attention to detail and play with colours


The red bedroom …


… with matching bed linen.


Everything is beautifully tone-in-tone

If you like, breakfast and dinner can be provided. We enjoyed a simple and delicious breakfast, with toast, fresh fruit and nuts, yoghurt, fresh juice and delicious omelet. For dinner, we organised a fabulous barbecue and enjoyed a glass of cold beer, while looking across the beautiful views.


A great view across Northern Palestine


The brand new kitchen. Perfect to cook!


Details in the dining area

I highly recommend coming up here. Enjoy the beautiful Mosaic Guest House, the fantastic roman ruins in Sebastiyya and relax a weekend away from everything. Perfect to go with a group of friends or family.


A Jerusalem Tradition – The American Colony Hotel

The American Colony Hotel‘s history dates back to 1902 and as such represents a unique part of Jerusalem. Staying there is not only a luxury experience but a historical one too as you join the list of individuals and dignitaries who have came through. I was lucky enough to enjoy the hotel when my grandmother came to visit me in Jerualem and treated us both to a fabulous stay.

Welcome to the American Colony Hotel

Welcome to the American Colony Hotel

Entrance_American Colony My favourite part of the hotel, and probably also the most beautiful part of the hotel, was its stunning courtyard. It exudes that sense of calm and peace that a courtyard ought to have. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and sitting under ranks of green and hearing bird chatter from above, you can’t help but feel perfectly at ease and happy. Whenever we weren’t exploring Jerusalem we rested our feet and minds in this utterly beautiful space. Courtyard Courtyard_II The other extraordinary thing about the American Colony Hotel is the food. It really is spectacularly delicious. Having lived off falafel and salad the previous weeks I could not get enough of the divine, delicious, mouthwatering food. I ate my way through the entire menu, top to bottom. Favourites included the puy lentil salad with spinach and pan seared salmon, the roasted lamp cottletes and the breakfast buffet with muesli, croissants, freshly baked bread, fresh fruit and (my favourite thing for breakfast) bacon. Breakfast_Buffet Breakfast


You can also enjoy breakfast in the sunny courtyard

And my favourite desert, apple pie with vanilla ice cream (which I had to have several times!!) ApplePie The rooms are beautifully decorated. Particularly special are the rooms off the courtyard with great vaulted ceilings, balconies, and beautiful tapestries. Everything is imbued with tradition, making it both unique and comforting. There also is swimming pool, giving you the chance to relax and cool down during Jerusalem’s hot summers. BedroomOne Our time at the American Colony was perfect. To top of all the luxury and delicious food was the kind staff who made us feel right at home. I highly recommend!

The Montefiore 36

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the night at a perfect little boutique hotel in Tel Aviv! It was sleek, chic, elegant, with attention to detail, personality, a great location, and perfectly encapsulated everything you expect of Tel Aviv! Let me introduce you to the Montefiore 36!

The rooms are perfectly designed with modern decor and flair. What makes everything so special is the attention to detail. Paintings, statues, a fantastic wall of books, a beautiful carafe with mineral water, and a welcome treat. The bathrooms feature a luxurious rain shower and comfy, soft bathrobes. Also, the location is great, ideal to go out and explore the hip Nevetzedek neighbourhood and stroll along the Rothschild Boulevard.





I loved this sculpture!

What’s even better is the restaurant and bar downstairs. Like everything else in the hotel they exude chic and cool.  There was beautiful porcelain and silverware, stunning bouquets of red roses and soothing Jazz in the background.


Dinner_MontefioreWhat I found particularly cool (and which I will totally do at home) was the use of silver trays, baskets and pots to serve food and beverages. I enjoyed my Earl Grey that much more poured from the beautiful silver teapot.


Perfect presentation and great use of beautiful silver trays, pots and baskets

Just as noteworthy was of course the food. We had breakfast and lunch at the hotel and both tasted just perfect! The restaurant is Asian fusion and I enjoyed a miso soup, raw tuna with yuzu sauce, and Chinese greens. It was perfect and light and just what is needed for lunch.  The breakfast was a treat, especially as it was served outside. I stuck with my favourite breakfast combination of granola, yoghurt, fresh orange juice and tea and treated myself to a basket of delicious pastries! Those pastries were some of the best I’ve had in a quiet some time!!




So, if you are considering a weekend trip or mini escape to Tel Aviv, the Montefiore 36 is your place to stay! Enjoy the luxury it has to offer and let yourself be absorbed by the hip and vibrant city!