A Foodie Guide to D.C.

While D.C. is usually not considered as the nation’s hot spot for fine food, it does have some delicious options that are well worth visiting. So here are some of my personal favourites.

Let’s start with the beginning of the day, that is the all-American breakfast, which means a visit to The Original Pancake House.

The Orignal Pancake House

They serve everything I yearn for in a proper American breakfast; delicious fluffy pancakes with your choice of condiment, waffles, eggs done the way you like them, freshly squeezed juice and everything else that you could possible want. They have three locations in the wider D.C. area, so a car is useful here, Bethesda, Falls Church and Rockville. Despite the distance the Original Pancake House is definitely worth a visit.

José Andrés’ Zaytinya! (701 9th Street NW)

How was itMy answer to this question has always been….delicious! Zaytinya belongs to the well established eateries of D.C. and that is well deserved. Not only do I love the food here, which is Greek and Middle Eastern inspired and perfect every time, but I love the mezze style here. Mezze, the Middle Eastern equivalent to Spanish tapas, basically means you get to order many different smaller dishes and share these around the table. I love eating this way because it allows for tasting and trying so many different dishes at once. It also results in a fun and interactive eating experience.

We move on…to Italian food and Café Milano (3251 Prospect St NW). Again, this “Café” is well established and known in D.C., both for its food and the scene it provides. It is often frequented by Washington’s political who’s who and as such is a place to see and be seen. More importantly, of course, is the food, which is always good. They serve delicious Italian food, with basics that surprise in their quality and deliciousness. Furthermore, the place is chic, relaxed and always busy. In summer the Terrace is open, adding an extra flair. Perfect for lunch! Enjoy!

And on again to a more exotic location, namely Makoto (4822 MacArthur Blvd NW).


I really enjoy Japanese food and I am ashamed to admit that prior to my visit to Makoto I was wholly unaware what Japanese cuisine really meant. Just to make that clearer…nothing at Makoto included rice or seaweed. Instead, I had a truly remarkable and unusual dining experience. We were asked to wear no perfume, as this can influence your taste experience, and informed that no cell phones were allowed. Also, we were each given a beautiful pair of Japanese slippers instead of our own street shoes. The food that followed was truly exquisite. Everything was delicately prepared, elegantly served and perfectly delicious. I was introduced to tastes and dishes as well as traditions previously unknown to be me. As such, it was the perfect dinner out and I look forward to my next visit.

And finally for dessert! Dolcezza (1560 Wisconsin Ave NW)!

DSC_0270As I may have already mentioned once before I LOVE ice cream! So lo and behold my delight when discovering this “not so secret anymore” secret of DC. Dolcezza uses local products sourced from local farmers, their gelato is made daily, and they experiment with unusual flavours. The result is really delicious gelato. I love coming here on a warm afternoon and enjoying two scoops of unusual deliciousness! I hope you do too!

Or you can have the best discovery since ice-cream…Pies at Pie Sister!

piesisters II Wonderful, delicious, comforting, yummy and oh-so-American! This never-ending craving of mine, was finally satisfied at Pie Sisters in Georgetown (3423 M St. NW, Washington, DC 20007). Pie Sisters is truly unique, getting its name from the three sisters that have founded and run this pie heaven on earth. More importantly, it serves delicious freshly baked pies. Furthermore, for those of us who need a bite of every single pie available, they have created “cuppies” which are small pies (muffin sized) meaning that you can have all sorts of different flavours in just one sitting. If you have more time or are more traditional one slice of pie is of course also available.