Lunching in Munich

Munich is my hometown and you’d expect me to know it better than any other place on earth. That is however, wrong. Instead, I rely on my mum’s delicious cooking. But don’t despair, I have a few favourites that I love to frequent and that are perfect for all fellow food-loving travellers. I hope you enjoy!

My ultimate favourite place to have lunch in Munich is Schumann’s Tagesbar (Maffeistraße 6, 80333 München). This is a modern, hip and delicious “daybar” serving breakfast and lunch. The menu changes daily and is made up of a selection of dishes that are usually Italian and German inspired. The food is always good and has never disappointed. The coffee is Italian and equally fantastic, as is the freshly baked cake. In the evenings they close at eight and serve small amuse-bouche and delicious drinks. A note of caution, this is definitely a place to see and be seen and as such not to everyone’s taste. However if you don’t mind mingling with Munich’s “schickeria” and are looking for a fun delicious place to have a superb lunch, Schumann’s is the place for you.

img-schumans ii

Another favourite of mine is the Italian Due Passi (Ledererstraße 11, 80331 München). Now, I love this place simply because I feel like I am in Italy the moment I enter; it’s bustling, lively and relaxed…and I am always inclined to have a glass of wine for lunch. Also, the decor is fantastic, seeing as this used to be an old cheese store and the cow+landscape painted tiles have all been left in place. The food is (of course Italian), mostly Pasta, and has a home-cooked feel to it; so you’ve got to be in the mood for traditional Italian food when you lunch here. There is a daily changing menu as well as their standard menu. There is freshly made cake and Florentiner for dessert. The staff is Italian and make you feel part of the family.

due passi

And finally, another go-to place of mine is the Literatur Haus (Salvatorplatz 1, 80333 München). The restaurant and café are situated in beautifully high vaulted, tall windows … I love coming here because of the atmosphere and the menu! The menu is French and offers traditional French classics, such as boeuf tartare, Quiche and salad, bouillabaisse and the much-loved steak+frites. They also offer a large selection of wine and French pastry, both of which perfectly round of a meal. It also means you can come here and simply enjoy tarte aux pommes and coffee. Also, as its name suggests, the restaurant does have a literature component – there are art installations with literature excerpts integrated into the bar, quotes on your plates and a changing exhibition on literature next door. Always enjoyable!

literatur haus