Amore Mio … Milano

Being in a long distance relationship definitely has its downsides. BUT it also has the upside of travelling the world to see your loved one! Thankfully, my boyfriend just moved to one of my favourite places on earth – Italy! My first trip was a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! I flew to Milan and spent six days in a red wine haze, eating delicious food and hanging out with my favourite person in the world!

I hope you enjoy Milan and the following suggestions just as much as I did!

10 Corso Como is chic! (Actually, everything in Milano is chic!! So forgive me, if I repeat myself.) 10 Corso Como is very chic and very arty. They have a lovely little café tucked outside in a courtyard amongst beautiful greenery, which is where we sat and enjoyed tea. They also have a fabulous store, selling everything that is beautiful and requiring a big fat credit card. The upstairs gallery is however, free (yay) and was showing a beautiful black and white photography series while we were there. And there is a fantastic bookstore selling everything on design, fashion, and art. Perfect place to inspire yourself, even if you don’t shop.


For lunch I loved going to Salumaio di Montenapoleone. It’s an elegant and chic restaurant that serves delicious Italian food. The restaurant is in an old beautiful palazzo, including a lovely courtyard, giving you a glorious place to enjoy the perfect lunch. I had fantastic pasta with a glass of wine. The best way to enjoy lunch!



For something more fun and streetwise, try Luini. I advise you to go during the week and avoid weekends, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck in an endless cue! Everyone wants one (or two) of Luini’s panzerotti’s – delicious deep-fried pizza dough filled with a variety of fillings. My personal favourite was classic tomatoes and mozzarella. Ideal, for a snack after you’ve visited the Duomo.

Or you can try Panino Giusto. They have two locations in Milan serving yummy Panini. My boyfriend was OBSESSED with them!

For a drink and a look at Milan’s fashion society, indulge yourself at the Bulgari Hotel. Their drinks are good and the olives are amazing! Also good to keep in mind because of their lovely garden. When the sun is out you can sit outside, soak up the rays and escape busy Milan for a moment!


For a dinner, head to Papermoon. It’s relaxed, laid back and (of course!!) chic. We had a great dinner with delicious Italian food. The place is usually booked, so a reservation is advised or go for an early dinner – very un-Italian, but hey, no one has to know.


My personal favourite in Milan was Antica Osteria Cavallini. It’s typically Italian. The place is buzzing and full of people having fun, eating and drinking. We enjoyed ourselves and the great food! I had a delicious delicious artichoke salad and great risotto! Looking forward to going back!


What are your favourite places in Milan? And where shall I go next time?