A foodie trip to Majda

Inspiration for my latest foodie adventure was Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown – the West Bank and Gaza.” A couple of weeks ago, two friends and I took a mini road trip to the Arabic village of Ein Rafa outside Jerusalem and had dinner at Majda, which features in the episode. Majda is owned and run by a couple, who are also both cooks; she is Israeli and he is Palestinian and at Majda they combine their two culinary traditions with those of the Middle East and North Africa region and add a delicious twist.

Welcome! The reception at Majda.

Welcome! The reception at Majda.

Majda is a perfect oasis of green and calm and the place to enjoy lunch and/or dinner al fresco. Sit in the beautiful leafy garden, look across the rolling landscape and enjoy delicious food.


Welcome to Majda. A red front door in a beautiful green leafy garden.

Herb garden on a yellow table

Herb garden on a yellow table

Equally adorable is the interior at Majda. With an artistic and unique collection of chairs, paintings, silverware and tablecloths, the place makes you feel welcome and right at home. There is a genuine sense of hospitality and warmth.


One beautiful, unique dining room at Majda


Every table has different table linens (and even a matching flower!)


Letters and postcards sent by diners. And a second dining room in the background.

However, the most important thing at Majda is the food. Every dish is based or inspired by a Middle Eastern classic or tradition.

We had falafel shrimp as a starter (and I had to fight the boys for my share), a modern take on a fattoush salad, as well as selection of yummy dips with home made bread.

My main course was my absolute favourite (and one of my all-time-favourite Middle Eastern dishes), based on a Moroccan classic pastry dish, with wafer thin pastry stuffed with saffron chicken, cilantro, almonds, and cinnamon. At Majda they topped it all off with apricots and a fresh slaw and salad. DELICIOUS!

For dessert, we enjoyed a perfect apple, berry crumble and …. Arabic coffee!


Sitting down at Majda. All tables are colourful or decorated with a mosaic.


A delicious fresh “fattoush” salad


Best part of the day! Sweet and savoury Moroccan pastry filled with chicken, almonds and apricots.

The perfect dessert! And the perfect end to a perfect diner!

The perfect dessert! And the perfect end to a perfect diner!

The verdict…the delicious food and a charming location make for a great dining experience! I will be going back!

*Note the website is in Hebrew only. For reservations call 00 972 (0)2 579 7108.