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A foodie trip to Majda

Inspiration for my latest foodie adventure was Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown – the West Bank and Gaza.” A couple of weeks ago, two friends and I took a mini road trip to the Arabic village of Ein Rafa outside Jerusalem and had dinner at Majda, which features in the episode. Majda is owned and run by a couple, who are also both cooks; she is Israeli and he is Palestinian and at Majda they combine their two culinary traditions with those of the Middle East and North Africa region and add a delicious twist.

Welcome! The reception at Majda.

Welcome! The reception at Majda.

Majda is a perfect oasis of green and calm and the place to enjoy lunch and/or dinner al fresco. Sit in the beautiful leafy garden, look across the rolling landscape and enjoy delicious food.


Welcome to Majda. A red front door in a beautiful green leafy garden.

Herb garden on a yellow table

Herb garden on a yellow table

Equally adorable is the interior at Majda. With an artistic and unique collection of chairs, paintings, silverware and tablecloths, the place makes you feel welcome and right at home. There is a genuine sense of hospitality and warmth.


One beautiful, unique dining room at Majda


Every table has different table linens (and even a matching flower!)


Letters and postcards sent by diners. And a second dining room in the background.

However, the most important thing at Majda is the food. Every dish is based or inspired by a Middle Eastern classic or tradition.

We had falafel shrimp as a starter (and I had to fight the boys for my share), a modern take on a fattoush salad, as well as selection of yummy dips with home made bread.

My main course was my absolute favourite (and one of my all-time-favourite Middle Eastern dishes), based on a Moroccan classic pastry dish, with wafer thin pastry stuffed with saffron chicken, cilantro, almonds, and cinnamon. At Majda they topped it all off with apricots and a fresh slaw and salad. DELICIOUS!

For dessert, we enjoyed a perfect apple, berry crumble and …. Arabic coffee!


Sitting down at Majda. All tables are colourful or decorated with a mosaic.


A delicious fresh “fattoush” salad


Best part of the day! Sweet and savoury Moroccan pastry filled with chicken, almonds and apricots.

The perfect dessert! And the perfect end to a perfect diner!

The perfect dessert! And the perfect end to a perfect diner!

The verdict…the delicious food and a charming location make for a great dining experience! I will be going back!

*Note the website is in Hebrew only. For reservations call 00 972 (0)2 579 7108.

Indulging your sweet tooth in State College

State College isn’t usually known for its food. However, if you are passing through town or visiting a friend or exploring PennState University, there are two places you must absolutely try! 

First, there is Ye Olde College Diner. An institution if there ever was one, faithfully feeding students since 1929! Famous for it’s sticky buns, which really are perfectly sticky and sweet and utterly divine. Try them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and experience the yummy-ness. (I couldn’t resist taking an extra box back to DC with me!) 

In fact, these sticky buns are so delicious and famous, they’ve stared in a number of Hollywood productions, most recently in “The Perk of Being a Wallflower.” Aka not to be missed when in State College!


   The Ye Olde Diner as time goes by (Photos courtesy of

Your second destination has to be the Berkey Creamery. Part of PennState University, and the largest university creamery in the U.S., it is a place of research that processes approximately 4.5 million pounds of milk and produces icecream, sherbert, sour cream and a number of different cheeses. Thankfully, all of this can be tasted and bought at their store! You may have to join a considerable cue to taste some of the delicious icecream flavours on offer, but I promise you will not be disappointed. 

This is also where Ben and Jerry learned how to make ice-cream and thanks to whom we are now able to enjoy cookie dough, half baked and fish food whenever life requires! Taste some of the abounding flavours and enjoy really delicious icecream made right there just for you!


  The Berkey Creamery, inside and outside (Photos courtesy of

The Perfect Paris Beurre

The perfect Paris Beurre from Le Petit Vendome in Paris

The perfect Petit Beurre from Le Petit Vendome in Paris

Paris has many treasures that often stay hidden to those who don’t live there. One of these is the Paris Beurre. I only came across this delicious concoction thanks to my sister Teresa. While she was living in Paris she’d text me telling me she was sitting in the Jardin des Tuileries enjoying a Paris Beurre for lunch. Ignorant me assumed she was eating baguette with butter. Oh was I wrong!

While baguette with butter is pretty fabulous already, the Paris Beurre is that much better. It consists of baguette, rather a lot of delicious salty, creamy French butter and the perfect slice(s) of ham! There is something about the combination of butter, ham and bread that make for instantaneous deliciousness! Different forms and variations of the combination can be found in numerous cookbooks, in different cultures and throughout history. This French version remains a classic and for a damn delicious reason! I promise you nothing short of a simple delicious pleasure! Many many thanks to my awesome sister for sharing this treasure!

Now the trick is finding the perfect Paris Beurre. My trusted favourites is Le Petit Vendome (8 rue des Capucines, 2e Paris – just around the corner from the Place Vendome and a few minutes walk from the Tuileries). This fantastic little place is only open for lunch and always packed – you really have to hustle through the crowds to place your order! What makes the Paris Beurre so special here is the baguette from Boulangerie Julien (which has won Best Baguette of Paris!), the Brittany Ham, and the best French butter! I promise it is a must while in Paris!!!

So, try a Paris Beurre on your next trip, sit in the Jardin des Tuileries and marvel at beautiful Paris!  Bon Appétit and let me know what you think!

A Trip to the Market

I love going to markets! I love walking through the different aisles and tasting and exploring the different foods on offer.  Not surprisingly then, one of my favourite things in Mallorca is going to the Santa Catalina Market in Palma. You can shop any kind of food possible – seasonal fruit and vegetables, meats catering to all tastes, perfect jamon, fresh fish of the day, locally made olive oil and (my favourite) delicious, ripe and tasty tomatoes! Everything is of the highest quality, making shopping here a little pricier than in your average supermarket but the quality you get makes all the difference. Fishmarket_Palma



But what makes this market truly amazing is the fact that you can have your fresh fish, prepared right there and then. Buy at your favourite stand and then head over to Bar des Mercat where you can have them prepare your fish anyway you like. This is not haute cuisine but simply really good food! Sit at the bar and enjoy your catch of the day.


Enjoy a cortado or beer at one of the bars…


…and then head over to Bar Des Mercat to have your fish prepared! Buen provecho!

For more food info on Mallorca, have a look here or just shoot me a mail or tweet. You can also comment down below. Mallorca is one of my favourite places and feels like a second home, so feel free to ask away.

Omar’s Cairo Food Guide

First and foremost thanks to my dear friend Omar, who gracefully decided that my knowledge of the Cairo food scene was obscenely lacking and consequently took it upon himself to educate me. The result was a food mission through Cairo! Thanks also to Grace and Jade who made up the other half of our foodie group! I had a fantastic time eating, testing and discovering! So, here we go…delicious Cairo!

Cairo Classics

Andrea is a Cairo institution, almost impossible to find and simply awesome! In a city where sitting outside really isn’t a thing, Andrea is a perfect island of greenery and tranquillity. Sit outside in the gardens and enjoy Cairo’s best roasted chicken! The chicken is roasted on what looks like an old kicker, the chicken racing down the field. Once it has made it onto your plate it really is a treat! It’s juicy, crispy, and simply delicious! They also make their own bread at Andrea, served hot and fresh. Otherwise, French fries, salad and tehina perfect the experience!



Another favourite of mine is cute and tiny restaurant Somaya. Tucked away in a side street in downtown Cairo and down a set of stairs, it serves delicious homemade food. One or two dishes are served every evening – and once they are gone, they are gone. So don’t come here late, because in all likelihood the deliciousness will have been devoured. The food served is traditional Egyptian and at times not for the faint hearted…we had veal neck meat…which was divine. They also have the best pickles ever! We ordered second and third helpings!!


GAD is a more local establishment. It is the Egyptian version of McDonalds! Well kind of… This place is far from corporate and probably does not meet McDonald’s stringent hygiene requirements! However, do not be put off by what seems chaotic and potentially unappealing because these guys serve some damn good food. I’ve had a delicious Egyptian version of a Pizza here, with so much cheese to satisfy my cravings all week, Egyptian classics, yummy Shawarma and some great feteer – an Egyptian puff pastry dish that can be both sweet or savoury. Do make sure you go to a nice GAD though! I recommend the one near Al-Azhar mosque for a bite before/after walking through the Khan el Khalili market.

Making a Feteer at GAD

Making a Feteer at GAD

The utter contrast to GAD is Sequoia and its neighbour Left Bank, both of which are frequented by Cairo’s upper class and expat community. Everything about these places screams sophistication – the location by the Nile is perfect, the décor is tasteful, and the staff wear a shirt and tie!



Sequoia is best for evenings. The restaurant is located at the tip of the Zamalek island and the view is simply spectacular! Sit and relax with a glass of lemonade or wine, smoke some shisha and enjoy the breeze and view.

For breakfast, I recommend going to Left Bank. When the temperature is still mild, you can sit outside and enjoy either a traditional Arabic breakfast or croissant and toast. Otherwise, you can come by for some tea, coffee or fresh lemonade and indulge in some French pastries! Also perfect for people watching!


Breakfast at Left Bank

Lebanese + more

For some really really good Lebanese food there is only one place to go – Taboula! They have two branches in Cairo, I prefer the one in Garden City. (They also serve alcohol here!) The food really is fantastic and is some of the best Lebanese food I’ve had – try the Chicken Feetah here. The décor is lovely with a touch of old glamour and the likes of Fairouz adorning the walls.

Tamara is an unlikely choice for me. I usually don’t like restaurants in malls and was more than weary when we went and tried out Tamara, which is located in one of Cairo’s big malls, City Stars. However, the food was divine and I take back all the prejudices I may have had! We ordered sausages cooked in Pomegranate syrup, which I could have died for! We had some great muhammara and really really good humus!


Sabai Sabai is a Thai place that I fell in love with while in Cairo. Whenever I had the desire for something warm, comforting and satisfying, I ended up here. On the first floor of a building that doesn’t necessarily look too inviting and with décor that tends toward the cheesy, the cuisine surprises you. I fell in love with their thai currys and visited frequently!


Lido is a great place to enjoy an Egyptian burger. It’s been around for decades and is not partial to the burger craze that has swept the globe. Consequently its burgers are a little different…the meat is served only well done and on a plain bun with ketchup, mustard or tehina as your choice of topping. The (A-mazing) fries are simply sliced potatoes. You sit on a bar stool and everything is served on red plastic cafeteria trays! Unique and tasty! Just the way I like it…

Burger Factory is the krass opposite. They serve the best burgers in town, if you’re looking for a greasy, indulgent experience. The meat is juicy, the sauce is delicious, the buns are soft – what’s not to like. Perfect for when you’re really hungry and looking to satisfy those burger cravings!


Sweet Treats

Khoueider has been around for decades and is famous for its traditional Egyptian sweets and ice cream. And while I’m usually more enticed by savoury treats and not a particular fan of Arab sweets, Khoueider has me converted. Their pastries are truly deserving of their reputation.

Gelato Mio is the an Italian gelateria in the middle of Cairo. A small treasure that severs notoriously good (and expensive for Egyptian standards) gelato. A perfect treat when the summer is hot and you’re looking for a sweet treat.



Enjoy Cairo and let me know what you think!

Cuban in Miami

A couple of years ago, while studying in DC, my friend Alberto was kind enough to invite me to his family’s home down in Miami over Thanksgiving. Being quintessentially Cuban, at least in my eyes, and thanks to his family’s incredible kindness and hospitality, I was privileged to experience not only a fantastic traditional Turkey Thanksgiving, but a slice of cuban food and life. In fact, as a result of my visit I am now obsessed with pulled pork and pastelitos – delicious Cuban pastries filled with variety of flavors, my favorite being cheese and guava! With the hope of passing on my Cuban love, welcome to the mini Cuba I found in Miami…

Versailles is probably the best known Cuban restaurant in town, as well a hub of Cuban culture in Miami. I loved standing outside by the window and sipping coffee but it’s the fantastic mirrors inside that have given Versailles its name and make it so unique. Thankfully, Versailles’ is equally famous for its sandwiches, which everyone raves about. But while they are fantastic, I preferred to eat as many guava and cheese filled pastelitos I could lay my hands on. I even got out of bed early on the weekend to beat the morning rush and secure my share of pastelitos, because, as it turns out, I’m not the only one who’s discovered their deliciousness!

At Sergio’s, another Cuban institution, a similar scene unfolded itself. This time I was eating croquettes though! Standing outside having a cortadito and eating croquettes, is just something you need to do. I wasn’t going to complain because they are absolutely delicious!


Photo courtesy of

For a little more luxury, I recommend Casa Larios because of their beautiful blue tiled garden, with matching blue umbrellas, and the opportunity to enjoy Florida sunshine. It’s equally charming on the inside, with a blue tiled bar and colorful decor. Welcome to Cuba…in Miami!