Travel Inspiration #6

Europe is once again engulfed in a heat wave, which is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Northern coasts of Europe that are usually neglected for their hotter sexier southern relatives.

My favourite is Cornwall! The British coast is the perfect solution for a quick weekend getaway and the perfect opportunity to escape the heat and cool-off.

A couple of years ago my girlfriends and I headed down to Padstow and Rock in Cornwall and enjoyed the beautiful coast and beaches, the great surfing opportunities and, most importantly of all, great British culinary traditions! The beaches are endless and beautiful. Perfect for long walks and surfing. Then there are an endless number of tea shops, pubs and chic cafes that offer delicious tea, scones and clotted cream. I couldn’t get enough! For something savoury in between, there is always the famous British classic Fish ‘n’ Chips. We tried Rick Stein’s Fish & Chips and loved it!

The combination makes for the perfect weekend getaway. So escape the heat and explore Cornwall!

Beach in Cornwall

Beautiful, long, sandy beaches perfect to escape the heat


The perfect sea side village!


The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award


I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! Thank you very much Jenn, better known as travelgrl47, for nominating me! (Check out her fantastic blog The Inspired Traveler) It is so rewarding to hear people are enjoying my blog. I am particularly excited about this nomination because its allows me to recognize a number of great female writers out there.

The nomination is based on a pay it forward concept. Having been nominated, I answer the 10 questions travelgrl47 has asked me. I then go on to make my own nominations and ask my nominees 10 questions. My nominees go on to do the same … paying it forward!

So here we go…

My answers to Travelgrl47’s questions:

1) Who is your favorite Superhero?

My favourite superheroes are XMen! I love all of them, no favourties.

2) What was the last picture you took on your phone?

The last picture I took with my phone was of the flight details of my next trip…sent the picture to my boyfriend, who I will meet there. Very excited!

3) What is one of your pet peeves while traveling?

I can’t just eat anywhere when I travel. I love exploring new restaurants and research where the best of local cuisine  can be tasted. This sometimes means I drag you half-way across town when actually you’d really just like to have dinner at the place next door.

4) If you had to take dance lessons in a certain country, what style of dance would you choose to learn and where?

I would love to learn how to dance the perfect Waltz and I would go to Vienna to do that.

5) What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

I have had dinner at a medieval restaurant and everything on the menu was cooked according to medieval recipes. It was a truly unique meal!

6) Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?

I would love to meet Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is a truly inspiring person!

7) What’s the worst injury you have had while traveling?

Thankfully I have been lucky. My most severe “injury” was a stomach bug in Lebanon.

8) Where is your dream vacation?

A road trip through the U.S. The U.S. is so huge, with so many different cultures, landscapes and culinary traditions to discover.

9) What is your favorite genre of music?

I love classical music.

10) What is something that inspires you the most?

Travelling and a good book

My Nominees:

Imik Simik: Cooking with Gaul – Annie Gaul writes fabulously and smartly about food in the Middle East

The Modern Proper – Natalie and Holly provide delicious recipes and a visually beautiful website

Food Globeuses – these three girls share their restaurant discoveries from across the world.

The Slow Pace – These two ladies have created a lovely lifestyle blog about food, travel and style that delivers quality ideas and inspirations

Paper Doll Parade – Sasha writes creatively about food, travel and museums, always adding her personal touch

My ten questions for my nominees:

1. What inspires you?

2. Your favourite female writer?

3. Your female role model?

4. Your male role model?

5. A book you would recommend?

6. And a movie?

7. What is your favourite restaurant?

8. Your favourite cookbook?

9. And your favourite spice?

10. A life lesson you would like to share.

Congratulations to y’all!