A Jerusalem Tradition – The American Colony Hotel

The American Colony Hotel‘s history dates back to 1902 and as such represents a unique part of Jerusalem. Staying there is not only a luxury experience but a historical one too as you join the list of individuals and dignitaries who have came through. I was lucky enough to enjoy the hotel when my grandmother came to visit me in Jerualem and treated us both to a fabulous stay.

Welcome to the American Colony Hotel

Welcome to the American Colony Hotel

Entrance_American Colony My favourite part of the hotel, and probably also the most beautiful part of the hotel, was its stunning courtyard. It exudes that sense of calm and peace that a courtyard ought to have. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and sitting under ranks of green and hearing bird chatter from above, you can’t help but feel perfectly at ease and happy. Whenever we weren’t exploring Jerusalem we rested our feet and minds in this utterly beautiful space. Courtyard Courtyard_II The other extraordinary thing about the American Colony Hotel is the food. It really is spectacularly delicious. Having lived off falafel and salad the previous weeks I could not get enough of the divine, delicious, mouthwatering food. I ate my way through the entire menu, top to bottom. Favourites included the puy lentil salad with spinach and pan seared salmon, the roasted lamp cottletes and the breakfast buffet with muesli, croissants, freshly baked bread, fresh fruit and (my favourite thing for breakfast) bacon. Breakfast_Buffet Breakfast


You can also enjoy breakfast in the sunny courtyard

And my favourite desert, apple pie with vanilla ice cream (which I had to have several times!!) ApplePie The rooms are beautifully decorated. Particularly special are the rooms off the courtyard with great vaulted ceilings, balconies, and beautiful tapestries. Everything is imbued with tradition, making it both unique and comforting. There also is swimming pool, giving you the chance to relax and cool down during Jerusalem’s hot summers. BedroomOne Our time at the American Colony was perfect. To top of all the luxury and delicious food was the kind staff who made us feel right at home. I highly recommend!


2 thoughts on “A Jerusalem Tradition – The American Colony Hotel

    • Dear Madhu,

      you’re welcome. It really is one of my favourite places in Jerusalem! Also to simply sit in the garden and enjoy the calm and quiet.


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