Travel Inspiration #3

Ibn Tulun Mosque with the Citadel in the background

Ibn Tulun Mosque with the Citadel in the background

My newest Travel Inspiration is Cairo. I spent the last six months living here and I can honestly say you have to see Cairo at least once! It is huge and loud and absolutely awesome!

Cairo has beautiful cultural treasures – such as the mind-blowing (!!) Egyptian Museum, the beautiful Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Salah el Din al Ayouby Citadel, the Wekalet el Ghouri and its dancing dervishes, the bustling Khan el Khalili market and the grand Pyramids! Then there are the more hedonistic facets of Cairo – restaurants that serve great local cuisine, pools and country clubs to escape the city and the heat, shisha cafes in downtown as well as the not-to-be-missed rooftop bars to enjoy the beautiful Nile and a beer. Plus, Cairo is cheap and won’t break the bank.

Sadly Cairo also had a darker side with endless traffic jams, poverty, horrid pollution, scathing heat waves during the summer and the ever-present dust. However, I recommend you go on an adventure and dive into the fascinating world that Cairo has to offer. Also, with spring coming up it’s the perfect time to visit.

Look out for next week’s post on where to eat deliciously well in Cairo.

3 thoughts on “Travel Inspiration #3

  1. Hi Julia,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I think I missed some of the places you mentioned above like the Wekalet el Ghouri, which I totally forgot about this place. I guess it’s always nicer to be able to travel slow like you, you’ll be able to see more places.

    • Hey Nina,
      totally true, it helps having a little time in Cairo, because it can be so overwhelming. But getting a feel for the place is the most important!

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