Travel Inspiration #1

There are many beautiful places around the world and I’ve decided to share some I’ve visited and hopefully inspire your next vacation.

North_Coast_EgyptMy first Travel Inspiration #1 is based on my recent weekend trip to the Egyptian North Coast. As mentioned before, I moved to Cairo in August and the city is hot in the summer! So my friends and I decided to escape the burning heat and headed up north to the Mediterranean coast. Having been to the Mediterranean countless times before I didn’t think much about it, and instead figured I’d been there and seen that.

However, I was very much in the wrong! The Egyptian Mediterranean coast is as turquoise and blue as you can imagine! It is crazy blue in fact! It felt like I’d travelled to the Caribbean!  I was so enthralled, I took pictures all day, trying to capture the striking blues – as can be seen above 🙂

The beaches were empty in comparison to what we are used to in Europe and the Sea was absolutely divine. I went for an early morning swim and the sea was calm and clear. It was truly beautiful. I returned to Cairo feeling fully rejuvenated!

So, the point is that Egypt’s North Coast is worth inspiring your next trip to Egypt, which shouldn’t be limited to the tourist resorts of Sharm el Sheikh or Dahab. Instead visit Cairo and take a few days to go up north. The unbelievable Mediterranean Sea will absolutely make it worth your while!


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