A Beach Day in Beirut

After a night of partying in Beirut you need a day to relax at the beach. The perfect place to do that is Lazy B!

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img-20140729-00455 i

I love Lazy B because it seamlessly combines the best of hippy style and luxury! It is magical and peaceful, allowing you to relax and recharge in the perfect surrounding. There are two different pools, both with great views out onto the ocean, and plenty of space to chill and relax. I personally prefer hanging out at the beach and swimming in the sea. In fact, the natural creeks in the sea are the best thing about Lazy B. It’s a naturally created bay, giving you the feeling you’re swimming in a swimming pool in the sea.


Also, typically Lebanese, everything is done with extraordinary care and with the perfect eye for detail. The sign posts throughout the complex, the different coloured deck chairs and sun beds, private decks, the hammocks, and spa area all make for a unique relaxing atmosphere. My personal favourites are these beautifully decorated and comfy beds, where you can enjoy your afternoon siesta or read a book and treasure a quiet moment!


There are also two restaurants and a fantastic bar, serving delicious drinks that keep you hydrated and happy throughout the day. You can enjoy a healthy lunch at the Lebanese restaurant “Lebneniyet A la Mer” with traditional salad dishes like Tabbouleh or Fattoush (my personal favourites when I have lunch here), freshly caught fish of the day or some really tender and juicy Shish Taouk. For something more European, there is an Italian restaurant “La Posta Estate,” which is served throughout the club, meaning you can have lunch right on the beach!

So go ahead and enjoy a truly unique and beautiful spot on earth!

For details on where to eat in Beirut following your day at Lazy B, click here.

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