A Party Night in Beirut

Beirut is known for its party scene and rightly so. I went last weekend and had a fantastic time. And here’s where…

If you’re looking for a beer and the opportunity to see where the night will take you, go to Gemmayze where you have one bar after the other and the guarantee of a great night out. My go to places are Charlie’s Bar, perfect for a chilled drink to start the evening, and Behind the Green Door, where the 70’s raunchy décor and strip  is just the beginning.

For the ultimate rooftop bar experience head out to SkyBar. Known to be one of the world’s best bars, it doesn’t disappoint!


The atmosphere is fantastic with the music and location providing the perfect party place! Every detail has been considered with great staff and perfect theatrics. The fact that you’re dancing under the stars is simply the icing on the cake! SkyBar also offers live performances by local and international bands and performers. Definitely worth checking out!


For a more low-key night out, head to Capitole. Rooftop bars litter Beirut’s skyline but Capitole is my personal favourite. I love the fact that it’s all open air and has an awesome view across Beirut – in my opinion, one of the best Beirut has to offer! Capitol also has the perfect layout – you can have dinner on one side, go dancing on the other, and grab a drink at the bar in between.

A more grungy addition to Beirut is the Überhaus. A little darker and little less chic, this place is great if you want to escape the otherwise glitzy night scene that defines Beirut. They refer to themselves as “all-dancing and all-punching social-faux-pas of this city’s nightscape,” which is what you can expect as you dance in their old warehouse surrounded by abandoned buses. Also, don’t expect this years summer hits to be blasting through the speakers!


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