Need a Shopping Break in London? Here’s Where!

Shopping up and down Oxford and Bond Street eventually requires a break to refuel. However, apart from the tourist traps and high street brands there are limited options. But if you venture just a few blocks either side, you find a whole new world. Here are two of my favourites – Daisy Green and the Borough Barista.

Daisy Green is an organic treasure and exactly what you are looking for if in need of a healthy and quick lunch/tea/coffee break. It’s in Portman Village (20 Seymour Street, W1H 7HX London) and the stop to make if you’re hungry. It has a collection of healthy salads, sandwiches and wraps. Also, they offer an extensive “Aussie Brunch” menu. Food is locally and organically sourced whenever possible and everything is prepared in-house! An even greater plus is the frozen Yoghurt. It is served with homemade toppings and is that perfect treat for lunch and afternoon.


Just down the street is another treasure – the Borough Barista (60 Seymour Street, London W1H 7JN). The focus is less on food here and more on drinks, so head here when in need of a coffee or tea. It is perfect if you’ve just made your way through Selfridges or Primark.


The Borough Barista serves lovely tea and great coffee and has a great selection of sandwiches and pastries to go along.  It is especially valuable because of the chairs and tables outside! These are perfect for when the sun is shining. I also love the personal touches they have included, such as the flowers. Always puts a smile on my face and the experience all the more enjoyable.


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