An Afternoon in Paris

Today we are spending an afternoon in Paris. What could be more delicious and fulfilling? We shall sit in cafés, drink, eat, and people watch in the world’s most beautiful city. So here we go…

The most sought out Café in Paris is Les Deux Magots and its neighbour Café de Flore. However, while they are both charming, they have turned into tourist attractions and hence not quite as charming anymore. Instead, I suggest heading further south down the Rue Bonaparte to Église Saint-Sulpice. Here you will find, tucked away under some lovely trees and overlooking the Place Saint-Sulpice, the Café de la Mairie (8 Place Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris) – perfect for enjoying a coffee, tea or an aperitif on a sunny afternoon.

mariages freres

For some truly delicious tea you must visit Mariages Frères Tea Salons. Thankfully, they have several locations strewn across Paris and you can simply stumble into one after a visit to the Louvre or an afternoon of shopping. (Check their website for the location perfect for you – They truly know how to make fantastic tea! A must if you are a tea drinker!



Onto some delicious food! A lovely and chic café to visit is Rose’s Bakery. She has two locations in Paris, my personal favourite being the location in St. Germain’s Bon Marché (the other being in the Marais). It is light, beautifully decorated, and serves both delicious lunch and pastries. It’s perfect to meet a girlfriend here and catch-up or replenish yourself after strolling through St. Germain.

The Broken Arm

Another Café I enjoy is the Broken Arm (12 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris). It has a Scandinavian/California feel to it, with a wooden counter full of carrot cake, brownies, and delicious treats. The food and drinks are great too. Everything has a fresh and healthy taste, leaving you feeling good about yourself and ready to go. Right next door is their boutique, which sells very hip, ultra designed clothes.

Fotor0513150040A perfectly styled and utterly cool hangout is Colette (213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris). While the ground floor and upstairs are filled with everything hip and in, downstairs is devoted to everything edible. The menu is modern and the atmosphere is fun. The crowd and location are just as important as the food here, so may not be for everyone. They also have a water bar, offering a superb selection of different types of water, ready to quench your thirst.


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