An Unexpected Find

I admit I can be a bit of a food snob. So when my friend said he wanted to go to Hard Rock Café because he was craving American-style food I was more than simply sceptical. But I was taught just how wrong the snob in me was. While I still wouldn’t consider the Hard Rock Café haute cuisine, I did learn that it was much better than I had ever anticipated and here’s why…the Barbeque sauce Chicken Wings!

For years I have tried Chicken Wings and never understood the fascination. In fact, I though they were far from delicious. But that evening at the Hard Rock Café I had a revelation…delicious, scrumptious, juicy, yummy chicken wings. Oh, they were so good! So I am forced to rescind my previous opinion and admit that I had really good chicken wings and the  Hard Rock Café is well worth a visit, IF you are craving chicken wings that is! (Note that you have to order the Barbeque sauce because they have several sauce options.)

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